Time to Purge

By Lisa M. Snuggs

SEOPA member files contain a variety of paperwork including craft improvement pieces and correspondence. Some of the files are literally carbon copies.

Dissolving a corporation is no simple task—especially one as familial as SEOPA and especially if the job falls to a pack rat like me. Burning financial records is one thing, but wading through and trying to discard thousands of newsletters, reports, photographs, and membership files is proving to be more difficult. Heartstrings can only stretch so far before they burst. OJEFA became the official owner of all SEOPA assets during the dissolution process but it didn’t make the housecleaning any easier. In fact, it only prolonged the inevitable but soon, the trashman cometh.

So, here I am using the dog days of summer to purge tangible evidence of a once-thriving association. It’s a daunting and bittersweet chore. I’m not attached to financial statements and committee reports but extra copies of newsletters containing Craft Improvement articles and Presidential Messages by some of my most favorite people have a way of getting re-read before they enter the fire pit or shredder.

Before I go any further in the purging process, I want to hear from former SEOPA members about anything you might want to know or see from the SEOPA archives. Some items, like plaques, photographs, 50th anniversary DVDs, etc., will be brought to the meeting at Fontana Dam Village next spring. Others must find another home or be discarded.

Ironically, Bo Glovier’s granddaughter reached out to me last week in search of information about her grandfather. She was ecstatic to learn that I remembered Bo and Mary. I offered to set aside a file for anything I run across pertaining to them. I’m sure I’ll come up with a good bit of smile-worthy fodder for her, and I’m happy to do the same for you, within reason. Time is of the essence, so please send your requests and/or questions to me sooner rather than later. I think I hear the not-so-distant dinging of a dumpster truck.


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