A hard copy of a Master’s Thesis by Gary Haden was recently discovered in the home of retired outdoor writer Bodie McDowell. Some of the information will surprise you and some won’t but one thing is certain:  it’s an interesting piece of work. Haden studied at Kansas State University and we are attempting to reach him for comment. Stay tuned!







2 thoughts on “Outdoor Writing in 1969 Revealed in Master’s Thesis

  1. Gary Haden says:

    I was honored to receive a $500 scholarship from the OWAA as I became the first one to graduate with a degree in Outdoor Writing from Kansas State University. It was basically a dual degree in journalism and biology. I never worked as an outdoor writer; in fact, information gained during my thesis research convinced me to focus on environmental issues rather than outdoor recreation. I still put my studies to use as I do considerable writing and editing in my role as board Chair of Audubon of Kansas. My wife of 55 years and I are currently taking steps to donate our farm to AOK.

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